Apartment rentals Groningen

The demand for apartment-type living in Groningen is high, and it is certainly not easy for young people to find one. To make it easier for you, Ghuus has gathered the supply of Groningen housing corporations under one roof. This way you will soon have a roof over your head thanks to our housing offer, and you will be living comfortably in an apartment in Groningen. 

Apartments for rent Groningen

There are many platforms where you can find an apartment for rent in Groningen. These are mostly private rentals, and that's where Ghuus makes the difference. Through Ghuus it is possible to view the current offerings of different housing corporations. This way you are assured of a favorable rent of an apartment in Groningen. The offer consists of social housing and there is a maximum rental price. Moreover, in the event of a defect in your home, you are assured of repair and maintenance. So maintenance is also well taken care of. Furthermore, you are entitled to rent subsidy if your income meets the requirements.

Find available apartments in Groningen:

€677,15 / mndClean rent: €633,25
Aquamarijnstraat 609energy label
construction year
€697,33 / mndClean rent: €571,92
Oostzaan 419energy label
construction year
€543,18 / mndClean rent: €415,73
Radesingel 31-6energy label
construction year

Rent apartment in Groningen via Ghuus

Ghuus provides a public platform where you can find a complete range of apartments, rooms and studios in Groningen for free. The supply is diverse and comes from several housing corporations, such as Lefier, Patrimonium, Nijestee, De Huismeesters, Wierden en Borgen and Woonborg. All youth housing of these corporations that becomes available for rent is shown on the platform Ghuus. This includes housing in the form of apartments in various districts of the city. For example, apartments for 1 or 2 people in, among others, Paddepoel, Beijum and De Hoogte. Or would you prefer to live in an apartment in Groningen in the pleasant city centre in a former warehouse? View the current offer by using the selection criteria, such as apartments, maximum price and possible neighbourhood preference.

Have you seen a nice home?

If you have seen a nice apartment you would like to live in, do not hesitate and go for the next step. Through the apartments of your preference, you can go directly to the accommodation. For example, if you see an apartment from Nijestee or De Huismeesters, you will be directed to Woningnet Groningen. To be able to respond, you will need to register at Woningnet Groningen. This is a good thing to do because you will build up your registration time and with more registration time you will have more choice of apartments in Groningen. Please note the specific requirements of the accommodation on offer. Ghuus is for young people, and that means that there are usually age requirements. For example, an age limit of 23 to 28 years or 18 to 30 years.

Groningen's apartments to rent and the right to rent allowance

Groningen's apartments for rent from a housing corporation are already cheap. It becomes even cheaper if you are entitled to a rent allowance. A condition for rent allowance is that you rent independent accommodation. This is the case when renting an independent apartment in Groningen. In addition, your income, assets and rent must not be too high. If you are younger than 23, the maximum rent for rent allowance is lower than when you are 23 or older. There is one exception to this, however, and that is if you have a child. Do you want to know if you are eligible for rent subsidy when renting an apartment in Groningen? Then make a trial calculation at the Tax Authorities.

You can also register with Ghuus to receive the latest offers of apartments in Groningen by email.

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