5 Tips for finding an apartment in Groningen

5 Tips for finding an apartment in Groningen

Nowadays it is not easy to find a rental property. More and more often you visit an apartment in Groningen and you hear that you have not become because there are dozens of people who have also viewed it. In this blog I give 5 tips that will give you a better chance of getting your rental home.

1. Be proactive in your search for an apartment in Groningen

Looking for an apartment in Groningen requires proactivity anyway. We all know that. Yet you can take an extra step to have even more chance. If a landlord or rental agent contacts you, make sure you respond quickly. It is also advisable to call instead of whatsapping or texting. This not only shows that you go for the apartment, but also shows that you are a reliable person who keeps agreements and responds quickly. It can be just that extra step.

2. Turn on your network

It is often easier to find an apartment in Groningen or a room in Groningen through your network than through a broker or website. If you let everyone in your area know that you are looking for an apartment in Groningen, then the chances are much greater that something will come your way that is not very competitive. It could be that someone wants to rent out an apartment and hears that you are looking for something. Then it is easy for both the landlord and you to get in touch with each other and arrange everything quickly. The person who recommends you can also immediately put in a good word for you.

3. Create a wish list

It is good to initially determine what your wishes are for an apartment in Groningen. Do not only look at requirements that must certainly be met, but also try to find out what you are least satisfied with. Sometimes the search for an apartment or a studio in Groningen is not as easy as you would like and you have to settle for just a little less than initially hoped. By determining in advance what the minimum is, you make sure you know what you are going for!

4. Use the viewing

Once you are allowed to view it, you are well on your way to renting the house. But there are other hijackers on the coast! During the viewing it is wise to ask questions proactively, so that you show that you are really serious about that house. Be open about who you are and show the landlord or rental agent that you are a reliable and decent person. After all, the landlord also wants to get to know you during a viewing. By making a good impression you may be just that little bit ahead of another potential tenant.

5. Check out Ghuus' housing offerOne last tip I would like to give is the Ghuus platform. Our housing offer is diverse and comes from various housing cooperatives from the Groningen area, namely Lefier, Patrimonium, Nijestee, De Huismeesters, Wierden and Borgen and Woonborg. When a youth home becomes available at one of the cooperatives, Ghuus shows them all clearly on the platform. This also includes living space in the form of apartments in different areas of the city. For example apartments for one or two people in, among others, the Paddepoel, Beijum and De Hoogte district. Take a look and be amazed at the possibilities!

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