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what are the frequently asked questions?

Frequently asked questions

What is Ghuus?

Ghuus.nl is a website listing rental properties for students/young people, offered by housing associations in the city of Groningen. Ghuus is an initiative by six associations: De Huismeesters, Lefier, Nijestee, Patrimonium, Wierden en Borgen and Woonborg.

What will I find on Ghuus?

Ghuus.nl is the only website that shows you - at a glance - all of the rental properties for students/young people available from the Groningen housing associations. Ghuus acts as your ‘shop window’, displaying everything on offer. From here, you can go to Woningnetgroningen.nl (or WoningNet), ROOM or the website of Woonborg to register and/or apply. 

What is the difference between ‘available’ and ‘property’?

On Ghuus.nl, you can view accommodations under ‘available’ and ‘rented out’. Under ‘available’, you’ll see the properties that you can apply for via WoningNet or the website of the relevant housing association. Under ‘rented out’, you’ll find a full overview of all properties for students/young people that the associations rent out in Groningen. 

Want to subscribe?

Once you’ve subscribed to Ghuus, you’ll receive emails with new listings tailored specifically to your housing needs. To apply for properties, you must be registered with WoningNet or the housing association where the property is listed. 

How do I find a home via Ghuus?

On Ghuus.nl you’ll find the listings of all housing associations in the city of Groningen. You can use the search filters to find a home that meets your needs. To rent a house or room, you must be registered with the housing association where the property is listed or at WoningNet Groningen or at www.ROOM.nl. The longer you’ve been registered, the higher your chances of being allocated a property. 

How can I register for rental properties for students/young people?

To rent a house or room via Ghuus, you must register. The longer you’ve been registered, the higher your chances of being allocated a property. So make sure you register as soon as possible! Below you can find out how to register with the various housing associations.

Woningnet (Nijestee, De Huismeesters, Patrimonium, Wierden en Borgen)

For Nijestee, De Huismeesters, Woonborg, Patrimonium and Wierden en Borgen, you must register with WoningNet. (www.woningnetgroningen.nl)  The costs for a new registration are €20. If you want to extend your registration after a year, it will cost you €11. You can register from the age of 17 and you can sign a lease agreement once you turn 18.


Lefier charges a one-off registration fee of € 35. You can register from the age of 16, which will help you accumulate waiting time. Once you turn 17, you can sign a lease agreement. If you're under 18, you'll need permission from your parents or guardian. Once you turn 30, you're no longer eligible for a room and you'll no longer be able to apply for rooms. You can use the registration form on the Lefier website to register for available rental properties.

How can I apply for properties?

Once you've found a house or room you like on Ghuus.nl, click ‘Find my house’. This will take you to the website of the association offering the property. Log in with your account and apply for the house/room. No account yet? Register first. 

What is the age limit for rental properties for students/young people?

For properties for students/young people offered by Nijestee, Patrimonium, Woonborg and Wierden en Borgen, the age limit is 28 (applications accepted up to and including the age of 27). For properties for students/young people offered by Lefier, there is no age limit is 31. For De Huismeesters, you can apply for properties for students/young people up to and including the age of 30.

It's important to keep in mind that the age limit only applies when you’re applying for a new property. Once you’re actually living there, you can stay until whatever time you decide to move. This does not apply if you’ve signed a campus contract or a young person’s contract. A campus contract means that you must be registered with an educational institution in order to rent the property. A young person’s contract is a temporary rental agreement for a maximum number of years. 

Are all available rental properties for students/young people offered on Ghuus?

The vast majority of properties available for rent is offered on Ghuus.nl. You can then apply via the landlord’s website. There are a few exceptions, however. Look under ‘property’ to see how each property is allocated.


Some housing association properties are allocated via co-option. Co-option happens in student association houses, where all of the property’s tenants are members of a student association such as Vindicat, Albertus Magnus or Dizkartes. When a room becomes available within the house, the remaining tenants nominate a new tenant who is also a member of the relevant student association. Such rooms are therefore not offered via WoningNet or Lefier. The housing association does, of course, assess whether a nominated candidate is suitable.


For some rooms or studios with shared facilities, fellow residents may themselves nominate a new resident. Such accommodation is not offered on Ghuus. If fellow residents do not nominate a new resident, however, the accommodation will be offered on Ghuus.

How are properties allocated?

If several people apply for a house or a room, the person with the most points will be allocated the property. If you are number one on the list, you will receive a message from the housing association where the property is listed. You'll first get the chance to view the house or room, after which you decide whether you want to rent it. 

I’ve been allocated a property, what next?

If you accept the house or room, you'll sign a lease agreement with the housing association renting out the property. We'll ask you to provide a number of documents: an income statement/statement from DUO, the Education Executive Agency, and a landlord’s declaration.

Lefier will ask the documents you read below, if your replay to one of their rooms:

· You study fulltime at an mbo/hbo/wo school: They need to have a proof of registration with the right study year.

· If you are going to study in a few months, they need a letter of DUO about your  study budget.

Where can I find more information and tips?

We will keep you informed through our news items and blogs. In addition, there are other great websites that can provide students with useful tips and information. Take a quick look at the website: www.athomeingroningen.com.

Does Ghuus offer rooms voor short stay students?

Ghuus does not offer rooms or studios for short stay students.  We don't offer furnished rooms and we can't reserve any rooms. We recommend short stay students to go to SSH Groningen. They can help you reserve a room. You can also register at ROOM.

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