For rent: brand new rooms in Acero!

For rent: brand new rooms in Acero!

You can live here if you want. In the building ACERO (Lefier), on Esdoornlaan in Groningen.

Nice idea right?

Register, collect your key - and suddenly you live at one of the nicest addresses in Groningen. How? You are your own boss in a large pile of royal tiny houses. You can also say: your own Acero apartment. Acero is brand new, spacious, comfortable, affordable and cozy.

I want to know more about that!

First, just cross out the things you might dread when searching. Not a cramped, creaky room, not a tired, dull student flat full of uniformity. In Acero you have a semi-independent, spacious room. Not a vague landlord, but an honest, social, not-for-profit landlord. No silly, narrow stairs to a hidden attic; you take the elevator. No queue for the shared shower or toilet, you have it all to yourself. No stubborn electoral committee, which determines within fifteen minutes "whether you fit in with the group". If you want to have a chat, you can walk through the building with 300 neighbors. No detours! Just 1 km from the Zernike Campus and 3 km from Grote Markt and Forum. No unpleasant surprises, such as a big deposit. Actually no money: rent approx. € 415, - for 18 m2 private plus a spacious kitchen / hangout / study area / village square.

Everything has already been arranged for you

Wifi, washing machine, kitchen appliances, yes even the curtains and the carpet. You no longer have to beg your grandmother for antique cast-offs!


You are registered as a student at an educational institution. University, hbo or mbo.

Apply now!

You can register for a room in Acero until February 14, 2021. After that, the rooms will be allocated by drawing lots. You might live in Acero from 1 March! Are you not registered with Lefier as a room seeker? No problem, even then you can register for Acero.

Want to know more?

Take a quick look at the Lefier website. Here you will find all the information and you can register.

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