Lefier rents out rooms through ROOM.nl

 Lefier rents out rooms through ROOM.nl

Lefier is one of the housing corporations in Groningen that is affiliated with Ghuus. From April 1, 2021, Lefier will offer all student rooms and apartments via ROOM.nl and no longer via the Lefier website.

What is ROOM?

At ROOM you will find student rooms from student housing providers in different student cities. With 1 registration you can search for rooms in several student cities. This is useful if you are not yet exactly where you are going to study, if you change studies or if you are going to do an internship. In addition, with ROOM you keep your registration period once you have found a room. This makes it easier to move to an independent student residence after a while.

Want to rent a room from Lefier?

Did you see a nice room from Lefier on Ghuus? If you klik on 'go to room' you go directly to Room.nl. You can respond to the room on that website.

Did you not register yet?

Register via Room.nl

· You can register from the age of 16.

· You will have to pay € 35 ones.

· You can register for a maxim period of 8 years. You don't have to expand your account. If you study longer than 8 years or if you are a Phd-er, you can expand your account. 

· Did you find a room? After signing your lease, you stay registered and keep all your points. 

· If you want to rent a room, you will have to be registered at a school (mbo, hbo, wo of PhD). If you don't study anymore, but you are still looking for a room? Than you can register to WoningNet instead of Room.nl .

· You can respond to a room, 4 months before your study starts. 

· You can only respond to rooms that are in the same region as your school. 

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