Selwerd student flats renovated

Selwerd student flats renovated

You might have heard of them: the three large apartment buildings for students in Selwerd. During the past year the apartment building situated in the Duindoornstraat has been extensively renovated by Lefier. Now it’s time for the apartment building in the Esdoornlaan to undergo the same transformation.


The former student rooms with shared facilities of 12m² will be upgraded, to become semi-independent student rooms of 18m². To enlarge the rooms, the facades will be moved forward. Furthermore, a private bathroom and separate toilet will be added to each of the rooms. The students share a kitchen with 7 or 8 flat mates.

Sustainable and earthquake-proof

The rooms will be made more sustainable, resulting in a decrease of energy costs for all the tenants. The apartment building will be connected to Warmtestad and will therefore no longer have any gas connections. The whole building will in addition be made earthquake-resistant.


The apartment building in the Esdoornlaan will be finished in the spring of 2021, if all goes well. The intention is to subsequently renovate the third apartment building, situated in the Karnoeljestraat. Once that is done, all three apartment buildings in Selwerd will have all modern comfort and a fresh look. The apartments are offered on The housing offers on this website are intended to provide a clear platform of housing offers from 5 large housing corporations.

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