Student flat in Selwerd renovated

 Student flat in Selwerd renovated

There are three large student flats in Selwerd. All three flats were quite old, something could be changed!

The Kornoeiljeflat is the second flat to be renovated in Selwerd. The flat now only has shared student rooms. After the renovation, the flat in Groningen will have 321 semi-independent student rooms. The rooms will grow 6 square meters, which means that the new size room is going to be 19 square meters! They will also get their own bathroom and toilet. This means that the students only have to share the kitchen with each other.

Resident speaking

Doreen lives on the ninth floor and would like to share her experiences: "Beautiful sunrise sometimes, if you get up early. I also lived in the center, quite nice for a while all the buzz around you. But now I have everything I wanted: quiet, you can just look for some commotion, the campus is nearby, there are plenty of shops here. What I like the most is the enormous diversity; there are many international students living here. Every floor has someone from a different continent. It's great that all those cultures come together in my neighborhood.”

What does do?

At you will find student / youth housing of five affiliated corporations. The affiliated corporations: are De Huismeesters, Lefier, Nijestee, Patrimonium, Wierden en Borgen and Woonborg. These corporations have joined forces to make their offer even more visible to students and young people. Because the housing offer was shown in different ways, there was sometimes some confusion among young people. ensures that the entire offer is displayed in a convenient place. The soon renovated Kornoeiljeflat is also part of that offer. A perfect place for students to live semi-independently.

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