You can move in Atlas very soon!

You can move in Atlas very soon!

Nijestee is building the 55 meter high residential tower Atlas, in Paddpoel. This includes 224 rooms, aimed at young adults aged 18 to 26. In Atlas you can live on your own, but you will not be alone. All rooms have there own bathroom, toilet and pantry. You will cook in a shared kitchen with 6 other residents.


Atlas has 16 floors, devided in 32 clusters. Each cluster has 7 rooms and a shared kitchen. The ground floor contains a lounge that is intended as a place to study or a place where you can meet with others. Nijestee will furnish this space in consultation with the new residents.


Atlas is near the Zernike complex, which is only 5 minutes cycling. The city central is only 10 minutes away.

Do you wanna live here?

Then be quickly! Completion is scheduled from October 2020. From 6 August you can respond via WoningNet, the first rooms will be published then. Rent is €343 per month.  Service costs (including advance water and electricity) will be added, costing about € 74.50 per month. The hot tap water and heating is controlled by WarmteStad, this costs about € 34 per month. You can also apply for a rental fee for this room. Ghuus offers other student residences, look at our offer!

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