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Are you a student or young person and looking for a studio in Groningen? Then Ghuus will be happy to help you on your way. In the always busy student city in the North it is perfect to stand on your own two feet. Especially in a studio in Groningen where you don't have to share the bathroom or kitchen with other housemates. You will be living on your own in a small, but very pleasant way. An ideal start to running your own household and, of course, enjoying all the freedom you have. Ghuus helps you on your way with a large and varied selection of self-contained studios in Groningen.

Self-contained studio in Groningen, what does that mean?

An independent studio in Groningen is neither a large flat nor a student room. However, it is living space in the form of a single flat with its own kitchen and sanitary facilities. In a room in a student house, you share the kitchen, bathroom and often the living room. When living in a studio in Groningen, you have much more privacy and you often don't pay much more or even less than for a room. One of the features is that the living room and bedroom are in one room, along with the kitchen. This type of accommodation is therefore primarily suitable for occupation by a single person and not really intended for living together. In the context of affordable housing, studios in Groningen are popular among young people and students.

Find available studios in Groningen:

€471,93 / mndClean rent: €395,35
Antillenstraat 1-41energy label
construction year
€471,93 / mndClean rent: €395,35
Antillenstraat 1-65energy label
construction year
€453,18 / mndClean rent: €427,86
Dr. C. Hofstede de Grootkade 11-74energy label
construction year
€526,50 / mnd
Eendrachtskade 10-B12energy label
construction year
€453,18 / mndClean rent: €426,30
Kleine Beer 17energy label
construction year
€458,73 / mndClean rent: €424,21
Lage der A 12-1energy label
construction year
€570,60 / mnd
Turftorenstraat 7-Menergy label
construction year
€446,83 / mndClean rent: €432,31
Vrydemalaan 544construction year

Studio for rent Groningen via Groningen housing corporations

Once you know your way around, it is not difficult at all to rent a studio in Groningen. All available youth housing can be found on the Ghuus platform. This has been chosen to make it as easy as possible for you as a young person to rent a studio in Groningen. The advantage is that you will find the offerings of various Groningen housing corporations. For example, from Nijestee, De Huismeesters, Lefier, Wierden en Borgen, Patrimonium and Woonborg.

Studio in Groningen for students

Groningen is a student city and students can find accommodation in many different ways. If you are a student and you are looking for a studio in Groningen, Ghuus is the place to go. There are many students who prefer not to live in a student house, but want their own place. The costs of renting a flat are often too high. A studio in Groningen is therefore a perfect alternative for students. Ghuus provides student accommodation and youth housing on a platform where you can see the current offer at a glance.

View the supply in the online shop window

You don't have to wander through the city to look at the windows of estate agents. The supply of the Groninger housing corporations can be found in the online display window of Ghuus. So take your time to find your ideal place. If your preference is for a studio in Groningen then select this option. You even have the option of making a search based on the maximum rental price. Or to view the current offers in a specific neighbourhood or at a specific address. That is how simple Ghuus works.

Responding to accommodation

Once you see the perfect place to live, it's time for action. The idea is to respond to the provider of the youth accommodation in Groningen. Once you've selected an apartment, you'll be taken directly to the provider. There you will see what you need to do to respond to a studio in Groningen. It is possible that specific requirements apply. This is stated with the accommodation, such as a requirement that you must be studying or a maximum age limit. This way you will quickly know whether you have a chance to rent a studio apartment in Groningen. Would you like to be kept informed of new accommodation? Then sign up to receive the latest offers by e-mail.

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